Joe Kick Ass Is Born

MARCH 21, 2009

15.4 miles
8 hours, many breaks
Hawk Mountain Shelter

Day 001
So maybe went a little far for the first day. Met a lot of people, some interesting and some annoying. Took breaks and hung out with the interesting ones and faked cramps with the annoying ones. Trail names: Robo, Ramble On, Z, Boof?, Rock, Wild Bill, Truckin. Names TBD: Sam, Hayden, Dave, Danny, Rodger

At the summit of Springer Mountain. Rodger, who works for the forest service, was taking census for all North-bounders (NOBOs). He was a SOBO back in the day which by the looks was 1914. He loved his job.

This shelter I’m camped at is buzzing with hikers. Probably 30 which is way more than the site can handle but everyone is bottle necked at the beginning. I found a tent site, as did 20-some others while the first to arrive took the shelter. Maybe they weren’t the first but the first ones that wanted the shelter. I’m sure I will experience one soon but for now I’ll skip the mice and sleeping bag to bag with 12 smelly people. Hawk Mountain Shelter is near Camp Frank D. Merrill which is a training facility for the Army Rangers. They use this area for training and have been spotted all times of the day and night. It’s about 8 p.m. and they’re firing some kind of large ammunition. Oh yay, I came up with a trail name. I’m now known as Joe Kick Ass.

~Joe Kick Ass

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