Woody Gap to Neels Gap

March 23

Middle of the Day, Easy-ish

Day 003
About halfway through the day right now, stopped atop Big Cedar Mountain to write. Majestic view, can see dozens of mountain tops and for many miles. It’s another clear day, sunny upper 60s, it could be 70 degrees. Don’t know.

Started out slow today, Wolf Man was thinking of quitting when I caught up to him so I walked with him. Then Stud joined and we helped him slack pack. Hopefully he powers on. Took some pics with Stud and Shane. Stud gave me her tripod bendy think that attaches to the bottom of the camera. When I left them I snuck $10 in her bag. Five minutes later she caught up running to give it back.

There were a lot of hikers picnicking at Woody Gap, hung out there a while. Called Travis for a weather update – few more nice days then chances of rain into possible thunderstorm Saturday. “Z” showed up with his dog, Dagne. He made a quick hitch into town but lost his water bottles? So I gave him my Klean Kanteen with the duct tape on. I still have my camel back and can get another bottle in Neels Gap.

Hours later ~ 4 p.m.
“Z” caught me and gave the bottle back, Huck Finn gave him one too. Walked with ‘Many Names’ for most of the rest of the day. She was fun to talk to and made the miles go quickly. We ran into Dagne (Z’s dog) who was running back the way we came. Turns out Dagne got bit by a black snake and Z was trying to get her back. Last I heard he was still chasing her.

~Joe Kick Ass

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